What was the ECB Project?

The Emergency Capacity Building (ECB) Project aimed to improve the speed, quality, and effectiveness of the humanitarian community to save lives, improve welfare and protect the rights of people in emergency situations.

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The ECB Project is complete

The Emergency Capacity Building (ECB) Project has now finished. Watch this great video to see key stakeholders talking about the challenges and achievements of the project.

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The importance of this process is in the successful coordination of the agencies in the consortium and how their confidence, synergy and ability to compromise were put to the test. It is valuable to see that we are learning how to share, be transparent, yield and listen to our partners, so we can move forward with initiatives which help not just single members but the consortium as a whole”.

Francesco Gatta, coordinator of new initiatives at CARE and leader of the DIPECHO VIII proposal process in Bolivia.

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The Emergency Capacity Building (ECB) Project has finished, however, the ECB tools and resources are still available to view and download.

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